Corredor Mató


Corredor Mató welcomes you with professionalism, security and honesty in the real estate and tourism market. Corredor Mató is a consolidated family business with more than 60 years of experience in the real estate and tourism sectors. We are a team of professionals of various nationalities who will answer all your questions in your language.

At Corredor Requesón we are specialists in taking care of your property during your absence, so that you can enjoy it at all times. We are a team of professionals who work throughout the year to keep your house or flat in good condition, so that your stay at the property runs smoothly and without incident. On a monthly basis, we make visits to check the state of your property, inform you of its condition and notify you immediately of any urgent incidents that may have arisen. We request and submit estimates for any maintenance work deemed necessary and check its progress and final result. These tasks include checking the state of the swimming pool and garden, the cleaning service or taking care of any detail related to the general appearance of the property. We also take care of possible deliveries and visits from friends and family. Corredor Mató is your trusted property manager.