Corredor Mató


1. I made a pre-booking of an apartment or house; how long do you keep the booking?

The pre-bookings with Corredor Mató have a duration of 24 hours, once these 24 hours have passed the apartment or house will no longer be reserved.

2. The office of Corredor Mató is closed and I have an emergency for which I need to contact immediately, what can I do?

Corredor Mató has an emergency telephone number that will be given to clients renting our properties that should only be used outside office hours and in the case of an emergency. When you call you will be asked to leave a message indicating: a contact number, the name of the rental property number and an explanation of the problem. Corredor Mató will contact you as soon as possible. If the situation provokes a call out that is not a justifiable emergency, or is an oversight attributable to the tenant, Corredor Mató reserves the right to make a charge of 300 euros.

3. At what time can I enter the apartment or house I have reserved?

The entry to the apartments or houses is at 16:00h

4. Today is my last day in the apartment or house, at what time should I leave and check out?

The departure from your apartment or house is at 10 am.

5. Do I have to go to the office to return the keys?

Yes, it is essential that before you leave you pass by the office to leave the keys.

6. Can I take my pet to the apartment or house?

In no case you can take your pet to the apartment or house without the explicit consent of Corredor Mató

7. Do I have to go to the office to pick up the keys?

In principle yes. But in case your apartment or house has an autonomous arrival, you can go directly to the apartment or house. There you will find a small safe containing the keys, which is opened by means of a code. To get the code you must check in online and pay through our website and then you will receive an email where the code of the box will be indicated.

8. I have checked in online, but my house does not have an autonomous arrival and I have to go to the office to get the keys but when I arrive it will be closed. What can I do?

If you have already checked in online, we can leave you the keys in the mailbox of our offices. Contact us for details of the procedure.

9. Is it possible to pay by cash or transfer?

Both payment methods are valid. In case of paying with cash you must go to the office. In case of using the bank transfer, remember to write your reservation number and name in the bank concept and that you must make the transfer three days prior to arrival.

10. I have made the check in online, but I do not want to pay by card via web.

In case I have started the online check in and entered the persons of the reservation but I do not want to pay by card, you can come to our office on the day of the check in to pay by cash.

11. I checked in online but did not receive an email with arrival instructions.

We remind you that if you have not received the email with the key collection instructions, please do not hesitate to contact Corredor Mató on 972 62 00 16 or at agencia@

12. I wanted to check in online and the system tells me that I cannot do it anymore.

The online check in must be done at least 24 hours before your arrival, otherwise you will not be able to check in online and you will have to come to our offices.

13. What are the best restaurants, supermarkets, and beaches in the area?

If you would like more information, ask us and we will send you a pdf with a compilation of the best restaurants and other information of interest in the area.

14. My apartment includes parking, but I don't know where it is located.

In case your apartment has a parking lot, you can check the information where it is in the first page of the pdf that you will receive after checking in online.

15. I want to change the towels and sheets, but I do not have the service contracted.

The towel and sheet change service is free of charge for stays of more than two weeks, and the change is carried out on Thursdays. If you would like an extra change, you can request the service at any time, but remember that it is best to contract it in advance to ensure availability.

16. During the days of vacation, I would like to hire a cleaning service.

We have several cleaning services for the apartments or houses, request this service before your arrival to ensure availability.

17. My apartment has Wifi but I can't find the password to access it.

In case your apartment or house has wifi, you can see the password in the pdf of the online check in.

18. In my apartment or house there is a technical incident and a technician must come, but I do not know when.

In case your apartment or house has a technical incidence, either you or Corredor Mató have reported it, from Corredor Mató we reserve the right to enter the apartment or house during your stay with previous notice in order to solve it. It is not obligatory that you stay in the apartment or house waiting for the technicians, from Corredor Mató we will organize the appointment so that it is as less annoying as possible.