New Development Vilassar de Mar

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Welcome to the exquisite world of newly built apartments in Vilassar de Mar, where tradition combines with modernity, offering you the opportunity to live in one of the most charming enclaves on the Barcelona Coast. With Corredor Mató, we accompany you to explore this unique community and to discover why investing in a newly built apartment in Vilassar de Mar can be your best decision.

Discover Vilassar de Mar:

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Vilassar de Mar will make you fall in love with its cobbled streets, shady squares and the charm of a town that retains its authenticity. Enjoy walks on the beach, discover the secrets of the local gastronomy and experience the welcoming atmosphere that defines this town.

New Construction Apartments:

Our newly built apartments in Vilassar de Mar represent excellence in contemporary architecture and design. From panoramic windows that capture the Mediterranean light to high-quality finishes, these properties are designed to offer modern lifestyle and comfort. With open spaces, terraces with views and a modern aesthetic, our proposals redefine the meaning of urban life.

Privileged Location:

Each corner of Vilassar de Mar has its own history and unique characteristics. Whether it’s near the old town, where you can breathe history, or near the beach, where the waves of the sea become the soundtrack of your new home, our apartments are strategically located to offer you the experience that you wish.

Why Buy a New Construction Apartment in Vilassar de Mar with Corredor Mató:
Buying a newly built apartment is an investment that goes beyond simply owning a property. With Corredor Mató, you don’t just get a home, you get expert support, personalized guidance and a deep understanding of the local market. We are here to transform your vision of a new home into reality.

Live the Vilassar de Mar Experience:

Discover the newly built apartments in Vilassar de Mar with Corredor Mató and let us accompany you on this exciting day. With us, you will not only find a new home, but also a new life that invites you to explore and experience the charm of the Barcelona Coast from the comfort of your own window.