Plot for sale in Maià de Montcal

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The Future you expect in Maià de Montcal: Lands that Inspire Life

In the heart of Girona, where the rivers Fluvià and Llierca whisper ancient stories, Maià de Montcal awaits you. A stone’s throw from charming Besalú and energetic Banyoles, discover the opportunity to create something unforgettable: your space, your home, your future.

At Corredor Mató, we do not sell land; we offer dreams in the form of real landscapes. Imagine a place that, more than property, becomes part of the family, memories, plans. This is Maià de Montcal: a beginning, an adventure, a promise.

Contact us. Let Maià de Montcal show you the way to a morning that only you can paint. Because here, each plot is the beginning of something extraordinary.