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La Garriga
5615 m2
Rosanes, located to the south of the municipality and bordering the limit of the municipality of L'Ametlla, is one of the most unique Masías-Castillo (Farm house – Castle ) in Pla de Llerona, in an area with optimal conditions for cultivation. The agricultural estate, made up of a set of several cadastral estates, has an area of 34,773.43 m². The Rosanes Castle, although it has been enlarged several times, preserves the primitive structure around which the current building grew. The outer walled enclosure forms a more or less square plan at the vertices of which there are four towers that protect it. The towers are almost circular in plan with a single-sided roof. The walled enclosure protects two interior courtyards. The fortified tower (12th-13th centuries) consists of two buildings, a first one with a square plan, a ground floor and two floors and a second advanced square tower, with a ground floor and three floors. The house consists of a ground floor and two floors, and the tower with a ground floor and three floors, the whole complex is crowned by battlements. The most primitive nucleus of the house is accessed through the tower that protrudes from the body of the building, once inside you can see the outside through very wide loopholes, the leaves of a large door close the interior patio of the house, where there are the stairs to go up to the house, a cellar and a stable. In the 16th century the castle was enlarged on the south side, attaching a rectangular-plan construction, and another body was added with the same orientation as the previous one. The third phase of construction of the main building dates from the 18th-19th centuries. Currently, the Castle operates as a restaurant, with two dining rooms on one side, the main room, for weddings, baptisms, communions, etc., and a private room for birthday parties, company dinners, celebrations, … It also enjoys a terrace for dinners and cocktails. The total area of the castle is 2,103 m². The set of other constructions, agricultural covers and workshops make a total of 3,511 m². The Total Built area is 5,614 m² On the Rosanes estate there is also the Golf par 3-Pich & Putt Barcelona-La Garriga. The golf course is one of the best in Catalonia in its category, due to its design, location and conditions. It refers of a Golf facilities par 3 Pitch & Putt, known as Pitch-Putt Golf Best 18 Barcelona - La Garriga, with an area of 152,625.87 m² and bar and dressing room services - toilet services. It is a Par 3 Golf course, with an 18-hole course that aims to show the different concepts of design schools present all over the world, by sketching holes known worldwide, without being any replica of the originals. Rather, it is intended to challenge even the most advanced professionals.
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La Garriga, located in Vallès Oriental, is a charming town

It combines its rich historical heritage with a modern twist. Renowned for its thermal baths and unique architecture, it offers a tranquil atmosphere and an attractive environment for those seeking a balanced life between tradition and modern comfort. In the current market for villas for sale in La Garriga, there is a wide variety of real estate options. From classic villas with architectural charm to contemporary properties with modern styles, the options are diverse and adaptable to each buyer’s tastes and preferences. Many of these villas offer spacious gardens, terraces or swimming pools to enjoy a pleasant lifestyle. La Garriga is divided into several neighborhoods and areas, each with its own personality and unique characteristics. The historic center stands out for its unique architecture and the charm of its cobbled streets. Other areas, such as Can Rovira or Bellavista, offer a more modern environment with nearby services and a more contemporary atmosphere.

We at Corredor Mató with a personalized approach and detailed knowledge of the area, offer an exceptional service to find the ideal villa for you. Our passion and commitment make us the best choice to guide and advise you in your purchase in La Garriga.

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